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Avid Video Editor is an application intended for non-linear video edition
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Some years ago, digital non-linear video edition was a privilege for those who could afford expensive pieces of hardware or software. Nowadays, most personal computers can manage this type of processing and there are even some free applications available to help you edit your videos.
Avid Video Editor is an application intended for non-linear edition of your videos. In fact, it looks quite the same as other programs like Windows Movie Maker and Windows Live Movie Maker, so if you are familiar with any of these applications, you will find no difficulty using Avid Video Editor. Now, the question is: why would you buy video editor software when some others are free? Let us center on whatever different Avid Video Editor has to offer so that you can decide whether is worthy of your money or not.
First, it is capable of making video overlays. This is something you can do easily as it will let you configure the overlay image position, size and transparency as well as merge mode. Second, it includes lots of interesting video transitions and effects. Third, it allows adding subtitles straight from an SRT file. Finally, this application supports lots of output formats, whose selection is made easy by referring to the supporting devices. Now, there is another question: what is missing? I really missed the capability to add titles, captions and credits.
As you can see, Avid Video Editor is a fine easy-to-use application. However, if you really need to be in control of your video editing for a more professional result, you should try more sophisticated (and expensive) video edition suites, like Adobe Premiere, for example.

Pedro Castro
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  • It includes lots of interesting transitions and effects
  • It allows image overlays
  • It is easy to use
  • It supports adding subtitles from SRT files
  • It supports lots of target formats


  • It does not allow adding texts, captions and credits
  • The trial version will not save the video
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